ETA Rewards Program Launch

Exodus Travel Agency Pty Ltd was registered with ASIC on 21 Sep 1977. This program launched on 21 Sep 2023 which is the 46th Anniversary date of Exodus Travel Agency Pty Ltd.  

About The program

Exodus Travel Agency ‘ETA rewards program’ is open to individuals who are eighteen (18) years of age and older, have a valid email address. Members can earn ‘ETA Points’ for booking Flights and Holiday packages. ETA Points can be redeemed by booking Land component subject to Exodus Travel Agency Terms and conditions. By participating in the program you accept Exodus Travel terms and conditions on our website. Link here Booking Terms & Conditions – Exodus Travel Agency

Joining the program

You may join this program by sending us an email stating your interest to join the ETA rewards program. Alternatively, you may fill in the form below on this page expressing your interest to join the ETA rewards program. Once you have expressed your interest, you will receive a Welcome email from our representative providing ETA program details.

Pre-launch offer

Join the program before 21 Sep 2023 and you will be credited with 100 ETA ‘Confirmed’ points in your account

ETA points

ETA Points can only be earned by a lead traveller in the booking. Additional travellers named on the itinerary will not be eligible to earn ETA points. Once the booking is made points earned will be ‘On hold’ status. If there are any changes to the booking, this may result in changes in the points earned. ‘On Hold’ Status points are not eligible to be used for Redemption rewards. For ‘On Hold’ status to convert to ‘Confirmed’ ETA points, the customer will need to complete the travel outbound as well as inbound. The ETA points will be added into the customer’s account after 5 days of their completion of travel.

Exodus Travel agency reserves the right to cancel any ‘On hold’ and/or  ‘Confirmed’ ETA points for non-Completed Travel.

In case of refund or credit, earned ETA points will be cancelled.

On hold and confirmed ETA points have no cash value and can not be transferred to another member and can not be redeemed for cash. You have no property rights or other legal interests in Points.

Earning – ETA Points

For land or Cruise Component : For every $1.00 you spend, you earn 2 ETA points

For Air component: For every $5.00 you spend, you earn 1 ETA point.

Redemption – ETA points

For redemption purpose, 100 ETA points is equivalent to “$1 ETA” redemption reward.

You can redeem  or utilise,  part of full ‘Confirmed’ ETA points for ETA redemption reward on another Land component only of the booking with Exodus Travel Agency. These ETA points cannot be redeemed for Flight bookings. ETA Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

Expiration – ETA Points

ETA points will expire after 12 months from the date of ‘On hold’ status is achieved.

See below example of Land booking by customer:

Land Booking

Booking cost: $1,000

ETA points earned: 2000 points

Travel voucher/tickets issued date: 1 Jul 2023

Travel start date: 1 Nov 2023
Travel end date: 30 Nov 2023

ETA points ‘On hold’ status date: 1 Jul 2023

ETA points ‘Confirmed’ status date: 6 Dec 2023

Expiration date of 2000 ETA points: 30 Jun 2024

ETA points balance and reporting

You will receive a report of your account balance, when the tickets/ vouchers are issued and when the ETA points status changes from ‘On Hold’ to ‘Confirmed’ ETA points

General terms

Exodus Travel Agency reserves right to change or cancel ETA rewards program any time.

Fill-in the below form for joining the ETA Rewards program